N’Asti or nice?

I spent my formative years drinking pitchers of Woo Woo in the local Wetherpoons because it was cheap, fruity and I didn’t know any better. When I turned 18, in an effort to distance myself from my very unsophisticated past I decided that fruity booze was deeply uncool, I must order everything “dry”; A dry white wine, a dry martini or a dry cider. Being of the stubborn persuasion, I’ve stuck to my guns for years. The truth is, I love sweet things and when done in the right way, drinks with a bit of sweetness can be utter heaven.

Fast forward 12 years and I’m stood in the winery at Casa Martini drinking a flight of sparkling wines and lusting after not only the dishy winemaker but the Asti too.

I never really understood Asti and where it sits amongst all the other sparkling wines, until now.

Firstly, the flavour; Asti uses the moscato grape which amongst other flavours like peach, green apple and brioche it’s known as one of the only grapes to taste of, well, grapes. But there’s acidity too so it’s not cloying but really refreshing.

Secondly, the alcohol content, it comes in at a modest 7.5% abv which is great news for your head the next day.

Thirdly, the price; Martini Asti is currently in Sainsbury’s for £7.50 and £6.50 in Morrisons. Total bargain right?

It’s also perfect for Christmas. Serve as an aperitif when you have guests over, or with dessert and salty cheese. Or just on it’s own, on the sofa, with a bowl of pasta and Elf on the TV.

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