Santa Baby

Since I’m nearly thirty and technically an adult (sigh). When it comes to presents I don’t really need toys or games, although the Llama Sutra colouring book I got for Secret Santa is brilliant and I’ve nearly finished it already, the colouring in that is. I’m now much happier receiving something to drink, eat or do.

With this in mind, if you’re struggling to get presents for your loved ones, here are some last minute boozy ideas:

Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Partner: Hopefully by now you’ve bought a whole host of very thoughtful and personal gifts for your beau but if you need a couple of stocking fillers here’s some ideas: Baths are wonderful but how do you make a bath 100 times better? Alcohol! I’ve recently discovered the SipCaddy which is basically a hook for your wine or beer. Click here for the link. You are welcome. Mini spirits are the perfect stocking fillers and my favourite has to be the Crystal Head Vodka 5cl – the bottle is actually the shape of a skull and it’s founder is Ghostbuster, Dan Aykroyd! have got loads of miniatures to choose from, the Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin 5cl is an absolute favourite of mine. I’d be very happy to find one (or three) of those in my stocking, can’t promise it wont get drunk before midday though…crystal

Parents: My parents are mad about gin and they’re not the only ones. The gin boom means that there’s plenty of tastings around which can be a perfect gift for those Martini-loving mothers and fathers. East London Liquor Company is a very cool distillery and do lots of different tours and tastings that are most definitely boozy but also educational too.

Brothers: If your brother thinks of himself as a bit of whisky connoisseur then you can really impress him with a Whiskey Wedge, it’s a very smart glass that has a very cool wedge-shaped block of ice which means it melts super slow and so doesn’t dilute your precious liquor (click here). If he’s been very good this year, make the most of this offer from Sainsbury’s and get him this oh-so suave Jura Superstition Malt Whisky – a bargain at £14.

Sisters: Cocktails are great and so fun to make but quite often you don’t have all the ingredients or equipment at home. Get her a starter pack from and of course, her tipple of choice. If she’s a gin fan, my favourite is Little Bird Gin – the bottle is adorned by a very sassy red-head, Miss Ginger. Or perhaps the Pinkster Gin which is made from raspberries and is deliciously fruity.

In-Laws: This can be a scary prospect. How about some alcoholic Christmas tree decorations, Myatt’s Fields Cocktails have got an amazing selection that look really cool and taste so so good. Dad’s love beer right? Craft breweries are everywhere and the choice out there is phenomenal. My tip? Head to a local bottle shop (Borough Wines are great) and get a nice selection or if you’re short on time head to Honest Brew and choose a mixed case. Proper festive and proper impressive.


And if all else fails, you can’t go wrong with a bottle of Champagne or two. Taittinger is very tasty and very chic.

I’ve drunk many delicious things this year, highlights being a hot Negroni, rich and smoky Mezcal, Frosé, fancy Cremant and classic Aussie Chardonnay. Its been a good’un.

Merry Christmas ya filthy animals!

hot negroni

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