Mamma Mia

There’s a saying about the apple not falling far from the tree. This definitely applies to my Mother and me. She has taught me many things in life; never wear a low-cut top with a short skirt and that 1:2 is the perfect G&T ratio. With the latter in mind, I can never go wrong with buying her booze as a present. As it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday and I have inevitably left it to the last minute, here are some alcoholic treats to spoil your mummy dearest.


An oldie but a goodie. It’s obvious and yeah maybe not that original but how can you not be happy when someone hands you a bottle of gin? When faced with 85 different gins on the supermarket shelf and a looming Sunday deadline, how do you pick? This is all down to personal preference but a few of my favourites are; Martin Miller’s Gin, I’m not particularly fussed that it’s made with Icelandic water but more that it’s super fresh and cucumber-y. You can never go wrong with Sipsmith’s Gin – one of the originals in the boutique gin game. I must give a shout out to my homeboys, Norfolk Gin, my Mother’s favourite. Cardamom and coriander seed makes this all spicy, earthy and really stand out. Looks bloody cool too.

Maybe she’s more of a bubbly gal?

Prosecco is everyone’s go-to and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but there is plenty of other fantastic fizz out there. Par example, Crémant from either the Loire, Burgundy or Alsace is a great alternative to Champagne. Brilliant value, tastes great and should earn you a curious ‘ooh, fancy!’ on presenting. Alternatively, by now you will be well aware of my love of Cava and since it is a special treat, spend an extra couple of quid and get a bottle of vintage rosé. At the other end of the scale, Sainsbury’s do a great one in their Taste the Difference range that will leave you with enough money to buy a nice bunch of flowers.

As for me? Because she has been extra lovely this year I’ve got a bottle of sparkling from Luxembourg chilling in the fridge, waiting for Sunday. But shhhhhhh, don’t tell!

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