The Postman Always Brings Wine.

It was a cold and crisp Sunday a few years ago; a bunch of us were sat in the pub, nursing hangovers and quietly begging for our roasts to hurry the hell up. A pretty standard Sunday, but something made it particularly memorable. My entrepreneurial pal Joe wanted to tell me about his latest idea; wine through your letterbox. I was not expecting that. He explained his concept, a very fun subscription service whereby a specially designed plastic bottle of wine would be neatly delivered through your letterbox. Genius, right?

Years of hard work later, this brilliant idea is mere weeks away from launching and is the talk of the boozy town. Garçon Wines has been all over the press, the Daily Mail were the first ones to jump on it, in their ‘Science’ section no less. The Telegraph, The Guardian, Huffington Post, Cosmo, The Independent are just a few that are raving about this revolutionary business. Stylist magazine claimed that it’s even going to save 2017! Praise indeed. With the growing popularity of companies like Bloom & Wild and Graze, it seems like all the best things are coming through your letterbox.


Convenience is key these days. Staying in for hours waiting for a delivery is no fun, nor is schlepping to the sorting office to collect it after missing the postman. Buying wine can sometimes be a daunting task. It can get quite overwhelming in the supermarket or off-licence, so much choice and very little guidance. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could tell you what wine goes with your standard Wednesday night pasta dinner? Then, after taking a very reasonable amount of money from your account, delivers said bottle through your letterbox? I’m in. Another reason why I love Joe’s business is how cool it would work as a gift for someone, either a one-off bottle to say thanks to a pal or a subscription as a birthday present, so many of my friends and family would be proper chuffed to get home and find a delicious bottle of wine on their door mat.

Joe doesn’t just want it to be a delivery service though. A subscription to Garçon Wines will also gently educate you in the wondrous world of wine. Millennials make up a big chunk of their target market and we are a curious bunch. Gone are the days where you buy a product, be it a chicken breast, wool jumper or armchair and don’t care about where it came from. Garçon Wines want to give you the story behind the wine, the producer and other wine info that’s actually fun and interesting! You’ll be a connoisseur in no time. Also, who doesn’t want to be a part of a wine club? All the cool kids are.

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