It’s wine o’clock in the USA.

According to a very reliable source, the Daily Mail, it’s National Drink Wine Day in the US. As I’ve just driven through the Californian desert for five hours I’m actually drinking a refreshing pint of Blue Moon beer having arrived at Joshua Tree on a quick pit stop en route to LA. 

Since most days for me, and everyone I know, are a day to drink wine, I don’t need to remind you. But instead of your usual Pinot or Sauv Blanc, why not toast our friends across the pond with something fun and American. I may be biased because I’m writing this from California but you can easily bag yourself a wonderfully fruity Chardonnay for around £7-10. Or if you’re a red drinker, you can find deliciously rich and decadent Zinfandels for under a tenner. 

Just promise me you’ll stay away from the fluorescent coloured white Zinfandels, in particular, the one that rhymes with slossom kill which as you can probably tell by the colour and my sinicism, is quite horrible. Unless you’re a sixteen year old girl which is totally fine because that was me twelve years ago. Wine is a learning curve. Look at me now, Mum! 

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