Wet January.

Dry January is really kicking off this year, it seems like it’s actually cool to not drink. I’m not convinced but I do understand the benefits of cutting down after a very drunken few months. I’m not sure if this is because of the industry I’m in but I really struggle to completely cut out alcohol. I can go for a week, maybe even two but there’s always something that brings me crashing back down to boozy earth.

For any of you out there taking part in and excelling at Dry January, I applaud you for being far stronger than I.

As with most people after the gluttonous festive period I have been on a healthy eating regime and trying to cut out unnecessary sugars. This seems to be a really big trend at the moment. So why not apply this to alcohol? By sticking to dry drinks you can cut out a lot of sugar. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that a glass of dry white wine has far less sugar than a pint sized Mojito? Vodka, gin and my favourite dry sherry are other examples. Some dry white wines such as Chablis or dry Riesling can be as little as 90 calories for a small glass, compare that to a rum and coke and you’re winning. Without sounding like too much of an alcoholic, sometimes when it’s been one of those days, good or bad, a drink is the only solution. A glass of Cava is not only cheap but it’s less than 90 calories a glass, and so what if you have two? It’s imperative that we keep the booze industry going or I’ll be out of a job, so please, do it for me.

Unfortunately, “try not to drink during the week and take it easy on the weekends January” just doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, but you never know, it might catch on.

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