Rule Britannia

This is THE week to be patriotic, people. It’s only bloomin’ English Wine Week!

We are a fine country with some very rich heritage and fantastic exports. The Beckhams, the other Royal family, roast dinners, the Beatles, queuing and wine. Yes, I said wine.

In the last ten years the English wine scene has got big, really big. They’ve absolutely nailed sparkling wine, enough to make the French Champagne makers really rather worried.

This is all possible due to the climate in the southern counties of Blighty being very similar to that of Champagne and the characterful chalky soil that runs under the English Channel between the two draws even more resemblance. Thrown in some global warming and high quality production and hey presto, there’s a new sparkling wine on the block.

Chapel Down and Nyetimber are two favourites producers of mine from Kent and West Sussex respectively are are stocked in most supermarkets and wine merchants. I picked up a bottle of Chapel Down Bacchus the other day from Waitrose and it was on offer to £9.99. It was fab, if you’re a fan of crisp Sauvignon Blanc style white wines then you must give this one a go. It’s zippy, zesty and zingy. Plenty of elderflower and gooseberries (these are good things I promise) and that wonderful satisfaction of knowing it’s home grown, literally. Having fish tonight for supper? Buy yourself a bottle of this.


Their sparkling wines are brilliant too. You will have to fork out a little more than your standard bottle of under-a-tenner-Prosecco but I promise you it’s worth it. You’ll think you’re drinking Champagne. But in fact you’re boosting the countries wine economy in your own little way. Well done you.

It’s pay day weekend so experiment with your wine. Blast out some Blur or Oasis, get some quintessentially Anglo picnic food, wash it down with some English wine and rejoice in all that this wonderful country has made.

N.B. If it says British wine on the label stay far away as it’ll be imported grapes turned into something that resembles a poor excuse for wine. The key word to look out for is English Wine. I won’t bore you with the legalities of it…

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