Will run for wine.

It’s the age old question. Can you train for a marathon and still drink wine?

Ok, it’s probably not a question you’ve ever actually asked or even thought about. Unfortunately, it’s currently my reality. In a bid to prove that it’s not just the men in my family that can run the London Marathon, I signed up. Girl Power.

I’ve never been a runner,  I like to drink and the only time I’ve been seen running was either towards the bar or away from pigeons. These are just a few of the problems I have come up against. As you are fully aware, my job revolves around wine so this has all been a huge learning curve for me. Unfortunately I cannot drink like I’m 19 anymore. I’m in my 27th year and I’m ashamed to say that sometimes it only takes a couple of large glasses of wine to induce a debilitating hangover that renders me totally useless the next day and certainly not in any mood to don Lycra and run 8 miles. Moderation. This is the key.

It’s obvious I know, I’ve learnt to say no sometimes (through gritted teeth) and when I feel I’ve earned it; just had one glass of wine instead of six. And do you known what? It’s really not as hard as I thought it would be. Cutting back on my drinking has meant I’ve actually saved some cash, so I’ve treated myself by allowing my eyes to wander a lot further down the wine list than usual.

For example, in my local pub, a large glass of house wine is a Spanish blend for £5.20. And it’s perfectly reasonable. The most expensive is a Gruner Vetliner from Austria at £6.50. An incredible wine, elegant and crisp with a zingy citrus streak, something that Sauvignon Blanc fans should consider graduating to. For just over a quid extra. A no brainer right?

In restaurants it’s proved particularly satisfying because it’s a great excuse to really match your wine with your food. Push the boat out and get that pricey Bordeaux to have with your rib-eye steak. Or that glass of Gewurtztraminer with your Thai curry.

The same logic applies when buying wine from a shop. I’m heading to a friend’s house for dinner tonight, I’ve got a long run tomorrow so I’m limiting myself to one glass. Instead of bringing a fairly standard bottle of Prosecco, I’ve just bought a bottle of Champagne. It’s not a big brand or fancy name, it’s the Heidseick & Co Non Vintage Bronze Top from Majestic Wine that was only £15.99. It’s no Bollinger but it’s cracking value and never fails to impress.

I haven’t figured out if this will be an actual lifestyle change yet. The likelihood is that as soon as this Marathon malarky is over I will revert straight back to my old ways. But then again, a year ago I would’ve laughed in your face at the mere mention of me running…


  1. I’ve been training for races while living in Sonoma for the last month…means that this is a big part of my life….

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