Why wine?

What’s so bloody great about wine?

I’ll tell you. Wine is king. It’s there when you’re happy and there when you’re not. What do you do when you get a promotion or find out that you’re going to be an aunty or uncle? You celebrate with fizz. What happens when you get dumped or made redundant? Your friends come round armed with multiple bottles of red wine and you drink till oblivion.

The same could be said for all booze but wine is different. It comes in so many styles, it can be your cheap and cheerful bottle for a Friday night in before payday or a special bottle for a romantic anniversary dinner.


I really love the opportunity it brings too. Wine is made all over the world which not only means the variance is huge but also you can travel to some amazing places and discover some beautiful wines. If you’re on holiday and there’s some vineyards nearby I urge you to visit, winemakers love showcasing their wines. What could be more fun than spending a lazy afternoon getting suitably sozzled tasting wine whilst attempting to remember your GCSE Spanish, or was it French?

I’ve been in the wine industry for five years and there’s still so much I don’t know.

Get involved. Get inspired. And have fun with wine.

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