All I want for Christmas is..BOOZE.

A tearful John Lewis commercial? A stomach-churning Iceland advert (a mini Lasagne is NOT a canapé)..? Oh, it must be Christmas.


I can’t quite believe it’s been a whole year since I wrote a festive piece and I’ll take this opportunity to say thank you to all who’ve supported me over the year, I’ll toast many glasses of vino to you all.

Now, let’s get festive. We are all going to be drinking rather heavily this month, unfortunately there are so many parties and gatherings that we just have to get boozy and have fun (don’t you just loathe it..?) Here’s what I’ll be doing to make it through the next week…

I’ll admit, I quite enjoy the bustling Christmas shopping experience…however I know I’m in the minority. I’ve come up with the best plan. Do the dreaded present shopping and plan to go for a cocktail (or two) as a ‘treat’ for all your hard work.

As a Hackney resident, I’m a bit of a stranger to the Chelsea area.. However, a couple of months ago I was invited to a very exciting blogger event at Beaufort House on the King’s Road where I spent the evening supping on their house cocktail, the Spiced Pear Mojito – and yes, maybe I had a few but my god it was like heavenly nectar! If you’re shopping West or near the King’s Road then I cannot recommend it enough, it’s a beautiful place, comfy armchairs and a gorgeous setting. The perfect place to rest your weary arms after a tiring day of shopping and indulge yourself in a much needed beverage!

I’m quite lucky when it comes to buying people presents because I have great access to a whole variety of booze. I think I’ve got to that point in life where all I want for Christmas is something I can either eat or drink, or watch while I eat and drink. You cannot go wrong with buying someone some fancy wine or delicious Port, Sherry, Liqueur or even my favourite; DESSERT WINE. The latter can be a minefield. Last year I told you what to buy the dreaded in-laws, this is obviously still a massive deal. This year, surprise them and go for some desert wine, to get the Holy Grail, the knowing/impressed nod from the father-in-law buy a bottle of Sauternes (click here for my favourite from Waitrose) and then casually suggest drinking it chilled with some after-dinner cheese (salty/sweet delight) or Christmas pudding. If that doesn’t have them including you in their annual family holiday then nothing will…

But what to actually drink on the big day? As you’ve probably guessed, I come from a boozy background so before any presents dare be opened I make a huge vat of Bloody Mary to soothe our inevitable sore heads. Use plenty of tabasco, works like a charm, a splash of Port gives it a festive feel. By midday we’ve cracked open the fizz, as it’s usually decent Champagne it feels like sacrilege to add orange juice. However if you feel in need of a Vitamin C hit, Cava makes for a better Bucks Fizz.

For your turkey, treat it to some White Burgundy – a creamy buttery Chardonnay compliments what can sometimes be a bland meat. Or try a Pinot Noir if you’re more of a red drinker. Having goose? Rioja will be totally delicious. When gorging on cheese later in the evening – a Rhône red (Lirac, Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Côtes du Rhône) or Bordeaux will send you into a sweet slumber in front of the fire. Well, that’s how my Christmas day ends anyway..

I hope you enjoy the festivities this Christmas, make sure you treat yourself to some tasty wine this year, you deserve it.

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