Daddy cool.

When I was a kid, I’d ask my dad what he wanted for Father’s Day, he’d very sweetly say ‘Oh, wash the car’ or ‘Help your mum with the ironing’. Even as a child I didn’t react well to this because firstly, I normally charged £3 for a car wash and secondly, I hate ironing.

Nowadays I’ve realised that the way to his heart is a bottle of something booze-related, it doesn’t need to be expensive but something that I’d given some thought seems to do the trick. If you haven’t a clue on what to buy Daddy this year, here are some firm favourites that will certainly get an eyebrow raise and even an awkward Dad hug

If he’s a whisky fan, buy him a bottle from the English Whisky Company, that may flummox him slightly, as the name suggests, it’s not made in Scotland or Ireland but Norfolk, (between Norwich and Thetford) it was the first English Distillery in over 100 years and it tastes awesome! You can even do tours of the distillery too, it’s like a massive sweet shop equivalent for dads. A real treat if he’s been particularly good this year.

Keeping with the English theme, head to Wine Pantry in either Borough Market or St Pancras Station, they have plenty open to taste (well, it’s best to do some research right..) and really helpful staff, my favourite it the Bolney Estate Fox Hole Pinot Noir. There’s a great range of amazing English sparkling wines too.

My Dad could drink ale till the cows come home, it’s hard to go wrong with a hearty selection, I particularly enjoy finding ones with the best sounding names like Tapping the Otter or Knob Smuggler. Loads of the supermarkets have deals when you buy a few bottles. Plus, plenty of independents are selling local ales too, Borough Wines and Nobel Fine Liquor in London have a great selection of speciality beers and ales.

I hope this gives you a few ideas, if in doubt, maybe just offer to wash his car, free of charge obviously..

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