Totally Naked.

There are plenty of wine merchants out there these days so it takes something really special for me to take notice, especially if it’s got a great name too.. toss away your mass-made wine-stained clothes and get involved with Naked Wines.

Unlike most wine merchants they work with only a select few winemakers, 38 to be exact, who are all independent and make wines for them exclusively. Become a ‘Naked Angel’ (I know, it sounds like an outfit from Ann Summers) by investing £20 a month towards your wine purchases and those who actually make it, you’ll get amazing discounts on really delicious stuff. Plus, the knowledge that your money is going to actual winemakers rather than horrible faceless wine factories.

I had the pleasure of sampling a few of their favourites and I was really impressed, so much so that I managed to get my very particular father to start buying from them, I even got a nod of approval too.

naked 1

The Petit Villebois Sauvignon Blanc was the first to try, an absolutely stunning Loire white with all the crisp fruit and finesse of Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé, packed with tart goosberries and lime, such a bargain too, only £6.75 if you’re an Angel. Easy to drink on it’s own but comes alive when served with freshly cooked seabass.

naked 2

Sometimes you have one of those days at work where all you want is to get home, head straight for the sofa and drink a large glass of red, you need something rich and warming, a wine-hug if you will. This is it. The Butterfly Effect Shiraz from Australia. Rich damson fruit and soft spice makes this wine ideal, it’s perfumed edge leaves a lovely lingering finish. Become and Angel and this bad boy is yours for just £8.25. Plus it has a really pretty label..

naked 3

I’ll admit it, I’m pretty bored with Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc, it takes something pretty good to turn my bored face into a slightly interested one. I was pleasantly surprised with the Lay of the Land from Marlborough, unlike most on the market, it wasn’t ridiculously overpowering, it was subtle which really is what lacks (ironically)with so many others, fresh and zesty with a little hint of passionfruit at the end. A total hit with me and my girlfriends. It’s competitively priced at just £8.49.

If bone dry whites aren’t for you then I absolutely recommend the Benoit Dreyer Alsace Riesling. Many people are put off this style of wine because they think it’s going to be really sickly sweet and the funny shaped bottle often confuses wine novices (my friends at least). But don’t be put off. It’s an ‘off-dry’ style which means it has more fruit to it and isn’t quite as tart as dry whites. It reminded me of those 1p fruit salad sweets, in a really good way, with a yummy honeyed finish. I had it with a Thai salad and it was amazing, but even on it’s own it would work too. (I got overexcited and forgot to take an arty picture.)

I really think Naked Wines have got something pretty good going for them, really great wines at affordable prices and their ethos is very encouraging. If you’re bored with supermarket/large merchants then definitely give them a go, you won’t be disappointed, plus you get a free bottle on your first order worth £10.99!

Go on..get Naked.

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