Three girls walk into a Tapas Bar..

Now, when I say the word Sherry, the majority of you may picture your dear Granny nodding off in the comfy chair in the corner on Christmas eve clutching a very small glass of the sweet stuff. You might have even been allowed to have a little sip if you promised not to tell Mummy or Daddy. Naughty Granny. For many years I believed that the only people that actually drank it were over the age of sixty and wore slips at all times. This thought couldn’t be more wrong.

In fact Sherry is actually a dry style of fortified wine and it comes from Jerez in southern Spain. When it was first exported over to Blighty (centuries ago) they had to add tonnes of sugar (not literally) to satisfy our ancestors’ sweet tooths.

When explaining this to my girlfriends that the real Sherry is dry, delicious and the perfect thing to drink with Tapas they didn’t look convinced at all. My competitive nature meant I had to prove them wrong. With that, I booked a table at a favourite haunt of mine, Camino in King’s Cross, this place serves really yummy tapas, the atmosphere is always lively and the staff are super friendly. And, because it was my birthday over the summer I got a free bottle of Cava (go on their website here and sign up) you can imagine my friend’s delight..

After ordering nearly everything off the menu and polishing off our Cava we were ready for the Sherry. To ease my friends in we had a carafe of Fino, this is the driest style of Sherry (like a really crisp French Sauvignon Blanc) citrus and tart apples combine with a subtle salty tang which on paper sounds disgusting but coupled with a mouthful of salted almonds, olives or manchego cheese it is heaven. By the time the chorizo and other delights arrived my guinea pigs were really getting the hang of it and by the general mmmm-ings I think they were enjoying it.

The feedback after the feeding was that although they might not be confident enough to order it themselves they would definitely encourage me to. I’ve only mentioned one style of Sherry, there are plenty more that should definitely be explored. It’s such good value too, it’s higher in alcohol than wine (15% ish) and a similar price too, Waitrose do a great Fino Sherry for just £6.49! My tip, find a bottle in your local supermarket chill it right down, get some olives, nuts and other tasty nibbles and enjoy it’s refreshing quality. You can even get yourself some pretty sherry glasses, Charity shops seem to have loads of really pretty retro glasses, cheap too!

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  1. After a delicious mouthful of Camino’s chorizo, the sherry really worked! It really complimented the flavours, I was pleasantly surprised. Thanks for introducing me, I’ll no doubt be going back for more!

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