Stratford Sports Day..

Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a bit of badminton in the garden, frisbee in the park or drunken dancing to the Time Warp on a Friday night but that’s where it ends for me, that’s about as ‘sporty’ as I get. With this in mind you won’t be surprised to hear that I’m not going crazy for this Olympics stuff, it might also be the fact that I’m a Hackney inhabitant and the transport situation is going to be a nightmare! (I envisage many angry rants on twitter about this in the next few weeks. Apologies in advance.)

HOWEVER, there’s going to be tonnes of stuff happening and I’m kind of thinking, if you can’t beat ’em join ’em. Plus there’s plenty of excuses to have an Olympic themed party or even an anti-Olympic one, ie lots of Dominoes, highly-calorific drinks and minimal movement.

I’ve not yet been invited to an Olympic fancy dress party yet but if I were to be (hint hint) I think I’d go as Fatima Whitebread or Sally Gunnell. I don’t even like fancy dress but that sounds fun already! As I’m writing this I’m almost convincing myself to throw such a shindig. What’s happened to me?

Right, the booze. The sun is finally out and my drinking has reflected this. I absolutely cannot get enough of Cava, you can get a pretty decent bottle in your local supermarket/off licence for the same price as a bottle of white wine (check out Sainsbury’s Cava for £4.59 – it’s not bad at all!) It may sound silly but bubbles are more fun.. and it sort of feels like a treat. Which is always nice.

I tend to drink way more white wine in the summer mainly because the idea of a full-bodied red wine in the hot sun doesn’t sound too appealing. But I have missed my claret-coloured friend. I have a compromise. Beaujolais. It’s a very light French (did the name give it away?) red wine that’s full of fresh red fruits (think strawberry and raspberry jam) and one I had the other day tasted like those cherry drops I had as a kid. Plus you can chill Beaujolais so it’s rather refreshing on a balmy afternoon. Make sure you look out for it.

It’s BBQ season and if you’re a steak freak like me you need a hefty red wine to accompany it. My recommendation is a chunky Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile or Argentina, again there are plenty available and very reasonably priced. The weight of the wine will stand up to most barbecued meats and the dense smoky fruitiness will marry beautifully with red meats. Mmmmm..

Leotards at the ready..

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