That pink stuff..

“Rosé? That’s just pink shit that girls drink!” That is according to my big brother, put so eloquently. Oh brother how art thou so wrong.

Often the weather can determine what we eat and drink, and as the sun starting to hang out a bit more it’s definitely time to embrace the rosé. Even if you’re a man. It goes hand in hand with summer, think BBQs, pub gardens and picnics, think rosé. The key thing is that much like other wine there’s so many different styles; dry, sweet, peachy, berryish, the list goes on. Unfortunately this is a lot of not so great stuff out there, the key is finding which style you like.

In my teens I drank a lot of the sweeter stuff because it was easy to drink and seemed a natural progression from the juice I drank as a kid and I didn’t know any better. My tastes have progressed and I now prefer the drier subtler styles. At the moment it’s all about Provence in the South of France. They make amazing rosé, it’s elegant, crisp and refreshing, it’s not the cheapest out there but trust me, it’s worth it. Want some examples? Sure thing..

This is what I’m talking about, a Provence rosé from Sainsburys. It’s fresh and delicate. And only £7.99. Perfect huh?

Now this, is the exact opposite. It’s very fruity, one dimensional and tastes like it should be sold in a carton..

From the examples above, you can see a clear difference in colour. There’s a kind of rule about the colour of rosé (though it’s not completely fool-proof) the lighter pink it is, the drier it should be. If it’s a really dark fuchsia then it will probably be fruitier.

When asking friends, it became pretty clear that it’s known as a girly drink. Most boys I asked had a similar opinion to my dear big brother. I asked my boyfriend and woah did he surprise me, “I like rosé, it’s pretty refreshing, especially when it’s hot”. Not only does this mean that guys can and should drink rosé but also that all my wine whining has actually rubbed off on someone! A little victory in my books. And with that I shall leave you all to enjoy the approaching warm weather and jubilant bank holiday and get into the rosé spirit. Sensibly of course..

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