Busting some wine myths..

Through some great feedback from friends and online friends alike I’ve been asked to question and answer some common myths regarding wine, much is said about the delicious drink and quite often you may feel reluctant to question it for fear of looking, well, silly. Pinot Moi to the rescue.

Here are a few examples, of course, if there’s anything else do get in touch, no judgement, I promise.

Starting things with a bang; “Does putting a silver teaspoon in a bottle of fizz actually work?” First things first, I’ve never not finished a bottle of sparkling so shouldn’t know the answer to this. However, it’s not true, my tip? Finish it quick.

“Wine and beer feel queer, beer and wine, feel fine?” Um, a significant amount of both, whichever way, makes me feel pretty terrible the next day. Sorry. I invite anyone to conduct an experiment and send the answers on a postcard. If you can manage to put a pen to paper.

“What’s the dent in the bottom of the bottle mean?” It’s called a ‘punt’ and it can indicate  the quality of wine. Most five quid bottles won’t have a massive one, if you’ve got an pricey bottle of red wine it might be quite deep and will pick up the sediment in the bottom. For an everyday drinking white wine it doesn’t matter too much.

“What does it mean when it says ‘Contains Sulphites’ on a bottle of wine? And is it the reason for my headaches the next day?” Basically, all wines contain them and they always have done, they’ve just had to state it on the bottle recently. The reason for your headaches is the quantity of wine, not the sulphites. Though it makes a great excuse..

I realise that I’ve barely scraped the surface and there are plenty more myths to bust. Feel free to tweet me anymore queries – @pinot_moi

What am I drinking at the moment you ask? It’s all about Picpoul, a delicious crisp white wine that you can find at your local supermarket or wine shop. Especially, as the sun is starting to appear, ish.

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