Baby it’s cold outside..

I’m hoping that I’ve left it long enough after Christmas and New Year that any sobriety-related resolutions have now been long forgotten and everyone is back on the booze.

I think it’s fair to say that this chilly weather is a perfect excuse to stay in, cook nice food, watch films and drink wine. I’ve been asked by a few friends to recommend easy drinking wines to drink just on their on and not necessarily with food. One of my favourite wines to drink in front of the TV is Australian Shiraz, especially in the winter, it’s rich, fruity, spicy and most importantly warming! Plus, they always seem to have pretty ridiculously names – like ‘The Notorious Kangaroo’ or ‘The Pensive Koala’. Although they’re funny, they might not be the best wines. Dalston off licences seem to harbour a particularly funny selection. Plus, the obligatory Mateus Rosé. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you know those hideous flask-shape bottles of bright pink rosé that you see covered in dust at your local shop and normally costs about £3. That’s it. Don’t touch it, despite the price tag.

You can’t go too wrong with a Merlot, smooth, easy-drinking and normally pretty cheap.  Despite the rather famous quote in the film ‘Sideways’. If you want to spend a few more bob, go for a New Zealand Pinot Noir, they can be really jammy and light. It’s easy to remember, just think of me and change a few letters. Or a Beaujolais. It’s great if you want something a bit lighter and don’t want a pounding headache the next day. Although if you drink too much it may still pound, please don’t blame me, that’s your fault.

I hope that’s been useful, I’m off to put another jumper on and enjoy a very large glass of my favourite Shiraz for under a tenner, Jim Barry Lodge Hill. Heaven.


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