Christmas time, Mistletoe and Wine..

It happens every year, and very conveniently on the same date, yet we still get just as flustered/excited/mischievous(?)/stressed and more often than not, totally hammered. IT’S CHRISTMAS! And I’m no exception. I’m pretty sure I prefer it to my Birthday, which is a pretty bold statement considering my sometimes narcissistic nature.

I’ve had my first request from a lovely friend of mine, who definitely understands the importance of wine consumption, Miss H. She asked which wines are delicious yet reasonably priced to bring over to friends/family’s houses during this festive period. Well, I’ll be giving some suggestions along with some other festive themed ramblings. Here goes;

One word. Bordeaux. It makes Christmas. Aside from the presents, overly indulgent food  and Shakin’ Stevens. It’s a classic style of wine so if you’re taking a bottle to your in-laws, you should hopefully get a mildly-enthusiastic nod of approval from the father. Which can be hard to come by. Also, it’s awesome with cheese. I know money can be tight during the festive period but as a rule to get a good bottle of Bordeaux you have to spend at least a tenner. N.B. This doesn’t include certain supermarkets claim to ‘half price’ deals – try and get something that isn’t being heavily promoted, the chances are you’ll find something better hidden away on the shelves. If it says 2000, 2005 or 2009 you’ll impress even more.

Another festive gift idea for parents/in-laws/work colleagues (if they’re lucky) is a bottle of Port. You may laugh and say I’m old fashioned but when you get a good Port, boy is it heaven. It’s a shame I can’t stomach stilton to enjoy it with. It also helps that quite often they come in pretty looking wooden boxes which means less wrapping and the potential for an ”oooohh” when opened. Oh, and did I mention that it’s about 20% abv. Gently sozzled in no time.

For drinks and giggles with the girls you can’t go wrong with a couple of bottles of Cava or Prosecco. But I didn’t have to tell you that, right?

I’ll leave you to your wrapping/drinking/dancing/horribly-out-of-tune-singing with a few Christmassy tips. When visiting partners relatives, try not to get too pissed. You’ll never live it down. Trust me. On a similar note, don’t turn up ridiculously hungover and stinking of mulled wine and tequila. If you do find yourself in such state, do shower at least three times beforehand and use as much deodrant/perfume/aftershave as possible. Also, drinking a Bloody Mary will cure even the harshest of hangovers, the more tabasco the better.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight.


    1. Thank you! Meursault and goose sounds delicious!! Here’s to a very happy 2012 with lots of delicious wines. Enjoy the beautiful West Coast, I expect lots of reviews!!
      PM x

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